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The Economic Research is one of the TMU Press journals that is published by the responsibility of its Editor-in-Chief and Editorial Board in the determined scopes.
The Quarterly Economic Research Journal was registered at the Ministry of Culture and Islamic Guidance at the request of the Faculty of Economics, University of Tarbiat Modares University, on 2088/11/22 and license no. 12086/124. The first issue of this journal was published in the spring of 2001 and was granted the scientific-research degree by scientific secretariat of the National Publications Commission on 2004/5/30 according to letter no. 3/2910/173.

Contact Information for the journal office
Journal Address Quarterly Journal of Economic Research, Research Institute of Economics, Tarbiat Modares University, Shahid Chamran and Jalal-e-Alahmad highways intersection, Tehran, Iran. PO Box 316-14115
Journal Number +98-21-82883907
Journal Fax +98-21-82883911
E-mail Address jerc@modares.ac.ir